Bruce Mauris

"We really needed a company that could handle the computer issues we no longer had the time or experience to deal with. AmorServ  is a perfect solution for us because we have the same IT Professional with us every week who is very familiar with our network, and we don't have to worry about dealing with computer problems on our own anymore. The fact that AmorServ  uses Microsoft best practices is very important to us, too. We are confident that if someone else had to manage our network down the road, it would be easy to do because of the systems that are in place."

Ted George

"We had an individual working on our network who did a phenomenal job, but became too busy to service our needs. After trying several companies who did little more than cause more problems, we decided to try AmorServ  at the referral of one of their current clients who has great credibility with us. AmorServ  has a disciplined process for everything they do. While other IT providers make you feel really stupid and then convince you to hire them to overcome your ignorance, AmorServ  is different. They are real people who are easy to work with, and they deliver on their promises."

Craig Joe

Mortgage Works

"In the past, I've been 'held hostage' by techie people who talk over my head. I clicked with AmorServ  from the start because they are so down to earth and more than willing to do a great job for their clients. AmorServ  is a professional company with a real commitment to provide excellent technical expertise and incredibly good customer service. I haven't found this from many other providers."

Frank Diemoz

"AmorServ made it easy for me to realize the value they could bring to my business. Their knowledge and expertise within the technology sector has proven to be an asset to our company by helping us increase our efficiencies as well as achieving our business objectives.”