Installs, Moves, Additions, Changes (IMAC)


In today’s ever-changing environment, IT assets are frequently upgraded, changed, and moved. This poses a challenge for many IT departments looking to direct their resources toward higher business value activities.

• DEPLOYING new hardware and/or software
• RE LOCATING IT assets to other locations
• REBUILDING or reinstalling software images
• AND MORE customized services

Our reach spans multiple key population centers around the country. If your project requirements are distant from your core business / IT operation, we have got the boots on the ground

Both as a business & by each individual technician, we hold a vast array of technical expertise, with qualifications & certifications from countless vendors & tech-brands

Our team of service technicians offers efficient, quality-conscious on-demand service. AmorServ meticulous oversight and attention to details ensures high performance.

Receive the cost benefits of not having to recruit and manage in-house IT resources for all of your locations. Our team offer a competitive bolt-on solution

of iMAC Services

Our IMAC Services will assist in:

• Moving into new offices

• Relocating to another location in the same building

• Rolling out new hardware and/or software

• Rolling out equipment on a project basis

• Recycling equipment between projects/departments

• Rebuilding or reinstalling software images

• Relocating staff between offices

• Merging or closing down offices

IMAC Benefits include:

• Taking away the pain of major, non-fault support of IT resources

• Combining multiple issues in one engineer visit

• Complementing an existing skill set

• Providing minimum disruption to business or staff

• Ensuring your hardware is running at peak efficiency

• Optimization of the IMAC process savies time, money and shows a ROI

• A full portfolio of scalable resources

• Single point of contact for incident resolution and the complete project lifecycle

• Technical expertise to support a wide range of infrastructures

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Our Team

Our friendly and knowledgeable experts are ready to hear about your project and requirements. Please contact us with any questions you may have about our Smart Hands Support Services


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